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If your friend or loved one is turning 40, chances are regular gifts just aren't going to cut it. Forty is a big, round number! That's why when it comes to heartfelt sentiments, free 40th birthday poems are right on top.

Sure, you could drive down to the store and spend two or three hundred dollars on a jewel-encrusted name-brand birthday card. Or you could do something original.

You could write a personalized, one-of-a-kind poem.

But since most of us regular folks aren't blessed with the writing style of Shakespeare, we've got to have a jumping off point before we launch into our poetry creation.

The best way to start writing a poem for someone's 40th birthday is by reviewing poems written by others, for similar occasions.

Thank goodness many of those poems have been posted online for us to share!

When your friend or spouse finds out that you took the time to craft a special poem just for them, they'll probably worry far less about entering their fifth decade of life, and instead spend more time thinking about what a great pal you are.

free 40th birthday poems

Of course, make sure they get your poem during their birthday celebration! And if you read it aloud, all the better...

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